Bodle Strengthens Its Team

The Bodle team

Oxford solid state displays company Bodle Technologies strengthens team

13 July 2016

Executives from Sharp Laboratories Europe and Oxford University Innovation have joined UK displays company Bodle Technologies. The hires are key to Bodle’s plans to bring its energy-efficient solid state display technology to market swiftly.  

The company’s technology is already attracting attention from manufacturers keen to leverage the low-energy, rich-colour and flexibility offered by the display technology, as well as for associated applications including smart windows and colour-effect security markings.

Dr Ben Broughton will join Bodle from Sharp Laboratories Europe where he led programmes in the advanced display technology group. As Bodle’s VP – Display Technologies, Ben will lead a team of engineers and product development specialists to adapt Bodle’s Solid State Reflective Displays for use in a range of consumer and industrial products.  

Dr Broughton said: “I believe that with Bodle’s Solid State Reflective Displays we will be able to offer a technology that consumers and industry will find truly compelling.  

“We’re all familiar with monochrome e-readers and high-colour but energy hungry LCD and OLED displays. Bodle aims to offer the “best of both worlds” – a vivid ultra-high resolution colour display which can show videos in bright sunlight but has very low energy requirements.

“Bodle’s displays will potentially require substantially less power than the displays in current smartphone screens. In a permanent image storage “idle” mode they could actually require zero energy.

“When I consider the technical specifications needed by future wearables, outdoor signage, virtual and augmented reality, and a range other applications, I’m confident Bodle’s displays can become a display of choice for manufacturers.  

The science underpinning Bodle’s Solid State Reflective Displays attracted widespread media attention when it was published in Nature in 2014. The company was spun out of the University of Oxford in November 2015 with investment from Oxford Sciences Innovation.

Co-founder of Bodle and Chief Scientific Officer, Prof Harish Bhaskaran, said: “We are making excellent progress with scale-up of the core optoelectronic films and hitting milestones on our product development roadmap.”

Dr Richard Holliday will join Bodle as Senior Vice President of Business Development and Intellectual Property. Richard previously led IP management and new venture formation for materials and engineering technologies at Oxford University Innovation. Richard will manage Bodle’s commercial activities, partnerships with OEMs and the company’s extensive IP portfolio. 

Dr David Fyfe, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Bodle said: “I strongly believe that early stage companies have the greatest prospect of success by recruiting experienced and talented management. Ben and Richard bring just those qualities to Bodle and the founders are pleased that the promise of  Bodle's technology has attracted them to join our exciting company.”

For more information, please contact: Dr Richard Holliday