Smarter Glazing

Existing smart glazing technologies have been based on the uniform deposition of films, materials or chemicals across entire panes of glass. Whilst this approach may be suitable for large-area switching, it does not enable bespoke, localised switching of the glass. Bodle’s technology is different. Our materials can be deposited as pixels, which can be addressed individually, with microsecond switching times.

Placed onto glass, our technology can be used to design dynamic in-window displays for information, advertising and other applications. Alternatively, in situations where shading or privacy are important, Bodle’s technology can deliver a suitable colour change over a specific region of the glass. This can, for example, enable dynamic sun-shading bands on a car window or smart roller blinds in a building.

Bodle’s technology is also able to modulate infrared light (heat) without affecting the visible spectrum, allowing bright, vibrant conditions to be maintained without compromising on energy management.

Our technology employs standard deposition processes and materials. It can be adapted to either roll-to-roll deposition or on to rigid glass substrates.

Bodle smart windows