Next Generation Displays

Reflective displays, like paper, can display images without the need for a power-hungry light source. With no need for electricity to generate light, power consumption is very low compared with a conventional display. With conventional displays being the single largest power drain on a mobile device and wearables having even smaller batteries, the opportunity for a game-changing reflective display technology is obvious.

What is more, reflective displays can be clearly viewed in bright lighting conditions and user eye fatigue is minimal—the display looks very similar to paper. Unfortunately currently available reflective displays are slow, low resolution and show poor colour performance.​

We are pioneering the world’s first solid state reflective display technology (SRD®) for future electronic devices.

Our technology promises outstanding colour gamut and contrast which exceeds LCD or OLED performance. It offers low- and no- energy modes and—because the pixels can be deposited on any substrate—we can design flexible displays. Well suited not just for current use in applications like retail shelf-edge labeling, wearables and signage, but also in the future for truly foldable, go-anywhere colour displays.

Bodle’s SRD® technology is capable of being deployed at extremely high resolution, with pixel sizes of sub-100 nm already demonstrated (compared to several micrometers for the best current technology). Extremely high speed switching, capable of video rendition in reflective mode, is achievable. We have plans to develop light, low-power holographic, augmented reality and projection based heads-up displays.

Boy outside with tablet