News and Events

Sunday, 1st Nov 2015
New Scientist magazine describes how our technology is based on phase-change alloys.
Sunday, 1st Nov 2015
The BBC report on our original breakthrough published in Nature.
Saturday, 12th Jul 2014
The Economist article highlights Professor Bhaskaran's original Nature paper and what it means for the next generation of display screens.
Thursday, 10th Jul 2014 article discusses Bodle's technology, as revealed in the journal Nature, and its role in the next generation of displays.
Thursday, 10th Jul 2014
Fortune highlights the technology "that that could one day lead to high-resolution, low-energy and flexible displays."
Wednesday, 9th Jul 2014
Wired article describes Bodle's first steps toward creating a new type of ultrathin, superfast, low-power, high-resolution, flexible color screen.