News and Events

Monday, 2nd Oct 2017

Bodle CTO Peiman Hosseini to talk at IDW Conference in Japan

Friday, 9th Jun 2017

Bodle co-founder Harish Bhaskaran explains the technology and benefits of reflective displays.

Wednesday, 17th May 2017
Bodle Technologies has announced that Mike Clary has joined the company as CEO, completing its senior executive team.
Friday, 28th Apr 2017
Bodle Technology’s Dr Ben Broughton, VP of Display Technology will be discussing SRD® technology during the technical symposium at the Society of Information Display’s forthcoming Display Week.
Tuesday, 20th Dec 2016
Leading German YouTube reporter Doktor Watson interviews Bodle CTO Peiman Hosseini (German language).
Wednesday, 21st Sep 2016
Display industry publication Display Daily has reported on Bodle’s recent progress in developing a new reflective display technology, called SRD®.