Bodle provides advanced optoelectronic solutions for
revolutionary displays and smart windows.


Zero-power Reflective

An entirely new breed of bi-stable reflective displays with ultra-high resolution, unprecedented colour gamut, nanosecond switching performance and zero power in static mode.

Smart windows

Our proprietary technology allows independent control of both light and infrared radiation passing through windows. High transparency, neutral colour in any state and microsecond switching time are unique features of our technology.


Security coatings

Functional coatings that change colour under mechanical, optical or electrical probing techniques can result in practically unbreakable security features in next generation currencies, ID cards and official documentation.


A Few Words About Us

Bodle’s Vision:
Bodle Technologies Limited is a University of Oxford spin-out that aims to commercialize platform technology in thin film materials to create ultraresolution displays beyond anything presently possible, as well as smart glazing technologies that will manipulate both visible and invisible light.

Bodle’s Values:
Bodle is based in the historic city of Oxford. We aim to be one of the most innovative hardware firms in the world, and our employees are the growth engine of our company.

Join us

While there are no current positions open, we do welcome speculative CVs and résumés from qualified and dynamic individuals.

Contact us

Bodle Technologies Limited
Begbroke Science Park
Woodstock Road, Begbroke
Oxford OX5 1PF
United Kingdom

+44 1865 309694